First Appearance:



Nate, Neil


Violet, Dawson

Voiced By:

Sami Rakaub

Nevil one of the main characters of The Awesome Show. He mostly is fierceless than his friend Nate. He mostly is the leader of his friends and is the toughest. He mostly rides his motorcycle. He mostly hates girly things such as unicorns, rainbows, or fairies. He likes roughousing and fighting. Although he mostly likes being a winner. His first appearence was on the episode "Awesome-lots."

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nevil mostly appears in most episodes with his motorcycle helmet on. He prefers to wear his helmet at all times. He wears his helmet on all episodes. At night he never takes of his helmet when he sleeps. Nate and Neil his friends prefer he doesn't wear his helmet.

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