First Appearance:



Nevil, Neil, and Katia


Dawson, Steve, Larry

Voiced By:

Robin Punzalan

Nate is another main character of the show. He is most often not feirceless and is not brave. But loves going on adventures with Nevil. He loves Katia but is shy to tell her. He likes Sci-Fi and comic books. He especially hates Dawson. His first appearance was on the episode "Awesome-lots." He most often acts like a geek to Nevil.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nate mostly wears glasses to see around. Katia and Violet thinks he looks geeky wearing glasses. He wears a scarf and a black hoody most times.






Nate has once, when he was a 7-year old kid. He had a dream he could fly. But one day when he was 9-years old, he built mechanical wings. He was flying! But then out of nowhere, he past a building and got his wings on fire. Then he fell on the ground. Which caused him to get glasses.


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